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To create a new password for the Control Panel:
→ Go to
→ Click LOGON and choose Control Panel.
→ Enter your 1984 contact email.
→ Hit Click here to recover.
→ A message will be sent to your contact email.
→ Follow the instructions to create a new password.

If you need to provide for example a webmaster access to your website then the Service Control Sharing is ideal for that. With this feature you can give a another registered 1984 user the privileges to control the service. By doing so the user will be notified. You can terminate these privileges any time you like, and the user can also choose to cancel them.
If the person is not a registered 1984 user, it is simple to create user account by going on and click the Create a user button.
To create Service Control Sharing you:
→ Go to and log into your account.
→ Click the gearwheel on the right of the Goto Control Panel button.
→ Fill in the other persons Username (often an email address).
→ Click Give control to user.

Statistics for your website.
→ Go to Click LOGON and choose Control Panel.
→ Click GOto Control Panel.
→ Choose Webtools. at the top of the page.
→ Click the icon to the left of Access your domain statistics through the Web interface.
→ Log in with your awstats User and Password.

To point a domain to a hosting with another domain.
→ Go to Click LOGON and choose Control Panel.
→ Click GOto Control Panel.
→ Click Domains on top of the page.
→ Then choose Add domain alias.
→ Where it says Domain alias name fill in the domain name.
→ Click Yes where it says URL forwarding.
Forward to URL fill in the URL to the hosting you want to forward too.
→ Finish by clicking Add.