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1984 Hosting Knowledge Base

This is the place to look for instructions on the use of the services of 1984 Hosting Company.
To the left you will find more thorough instructions on many of 1984's systems, and more.
If you don't find what you are looking for, please drop us an email to

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

★ Do I pay for one year in advance or one month at a time?

★ How do I pay for the hosting and other service?

★ Where can I see my payment history?

★ How much space is included with shared hosting?

★ Can I migrate my website and e-mail over to 1984hosting?

★ Can 1984hosting do the migration?

★ How do I change my e-mail password?

★ How do I get a backup of the Database?

★ How do I add a "Sub-domain or "Domain Alias"?

★ How do I set domain forwarding?

★ Sending mail from my website does not work

★ How many MySQL databases can I have?

★ How do I change the name servers?

★ How do I buy a new domain?

★ Can I check my e-mail online?

★ Can I have an online shopping site?

★ I don't want to renew a domain or hosting. What do I do?

★ How do I delete my hosting or domain?

★ What do you mean by "e-mail associated with hosting"?

★ How do I create new e-mails?

★ How do I create an Out of Office Reply (Auto-Reply)?

★ How do I set e-mail forwarding?

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