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FTP and SFTP Usage

Change the FTP Password

Log in as your user at

→ Click on the blue button “Goto Control Panel”.
→ Click on “FTP” at the top.
→ Click on “Edit” to the right of the FTP you want to change.
→ Fill in the password twice and click “Update”.


Configuring SFTP in Dreamweaver:
→ Click Site and choose New Site.
→ Choose Basic in the window that pops up.
Server Name: is what ever you want.
Connect using:, choose SFTP
SFTP Address is your domain or the server path 1984 gave you
Port: should be 2222
Authentication: choose Username and Password
Usename: is your FTP Username.
Password: is the FTP Password given to you.
→ Choose Save Password if you want Dreamweaver to remember it.
Root Directory should be /htdocs.
→ Fill in your Password , choose Add to Keychain and click Login.

Filezilla FTP app

Filezilla is an OpenSource FTP application free to download from, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
This is how you configure SFTP connection in Filezilla:
→ Click the button right below File.
→ This is the Site Manager, fetch the ftp information given to you by 1984.
→ In the Host: window you fill in your domain, or the 1984 server path.
Port: should be 2222
Protocol: should be SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
Logon Type: choose Normal.
User: is the FTP Username.
Password: is the FTP Password.
→ Now click Connect and Filezilla will automatically save your configuration and connect to the server.

net2ftp in 1984's Control Panel

net2ftp is a web based ftp application which you can use from the Control Panel.

Log in to your user at

→ Click GOto Control Panel.
→ Click Webtools at the top of the page.
→ Find the icon “FileManager” and click it.
→ Fill in your FTP Username and Password and click Login.

the net2ftp is only avalable on the old apache servers not the newer litespeed servers


WinSCP is a light and convenient ftp/sftp client for Windows.
When you open WinSCP for the first time you get a Login login window, fill in your information lik this:

File Protocol SFTP.
Host name: your domain or the
Port number: 2222.
User name: your ftp user name.
Password: ftp your ftp password.
→ Click Save.
→ Then click Connect and Yes.

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