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Two Step Authentication

You can increase the security of your login by adding an extra authentication step, for example to a CMS like WordPress or Joomla. This makes it harder for bots or robots to break into a website.

→ Go to Click LOGON and choose Control Panel.
→ Click GOto Control Panel.
→ Choose Webtools. at the top of the page.
→ Click Protected areas.

Note that if you do not want to use your awstat (statistics) authentication then you need to create a new one:
→ Click Users and groups.
→ Click Add user, choose a username and password then click Add
→ Click Add group create a Group name and click Add
→ Click Protected areas again.
→ Choose Add new protected area.
→ Give it a name Area name.
Choose dir, choose which directory you want to protect.
→ Fill in a User auth and Group auth.
→ Click Protect it.

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