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SSL certificate for your website

All websites at 1984's shared hosting will be automatically secured using Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. This is free of charge and happens a few hours after a domain has been pointed to your hosting server in DNS.

You are of course free to use other SSL certificate services, see below if you choose to do so.

Private SSL Certificate for your website

If you need a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to buy an SSL certificate then we will create it for you. You can buy an SSL certificates for example from for $49.

Then you set up the SSL certificate on the server:
→ log in to your 1984 account and click Goto Control Panel,
→ click Domains
→ then click Add / Edit SSL certificate
→ add Private key (used to create the CSR request if you needed that)
→ the SSL certificate goes into the Certificate box
→ Intermediate certificate goes Intermediate certificate(s) box.

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