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 ===== E-mail ===== ===== E-mail =====
 +==== Auto Reply from email ==== 
 +→ Go to **[[https://​​signin|]]**,​ click **LOGIN** and choose **Control Panel**.\\ 
 +→ Click **GOto ControlPanel**.\\ 
 +→ Click **Mail** at the top of the page.\\ 
 +→ Find the email you want to activate autoreply for.\\ 
 +→ Click **Enable** where it says **Auto responder**.\\ 
 +→ Fill in your message in the text window and click **Activate**.\\ 
 +→ Where it previously said **Enable** it now reads **Disable** which you can click to de-activate the autoreply, or to **Edit** your message. 
 ==== Create a new email address ==== ==== Create a new email address ====