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-====== Thunderbird ​mail setup======+==== Configure your email in Thunderbird ​in Windows ​====
-\\ +If the window ​**Welcome ​to Thunderbird** opens when you start Thunderbird ​ for the first time, then choose ​  
-**The following paragraph applies ​to all the 1984 E-mail services:**+**I think I'll configure my account later**.\\
-Incoming mail server is It serves out mail on ports 143(IMAP) ​and 110(POP) can also be use as outgoing mail server if you use authentication ​and port 578 or 465 in stead of the default port 25User name is when authenticating either to the outgoing or the incoming mail services is always ​the full email address. ​+→ Click the **Alt** key on your keyboard to see the the menu row on top of the window.\\ 
 +→ Choose **Tools** ​and **Account Settings**. 
 +→ Click **Account Actions** ​and choose **Add Mail Account**.\\ 
 +→ **Your ​name:** Is the name you want the receiver to see as sender.\\  
 +→ **Email address:** Your email address.\\ 
 +→ **Password:​** Your email address password.\\  
 +→ **Remember password** You probably want Thunderbird to remember the password.\\ 
 +→ Click **Continue** and choose **Manual config**.
-ATTENTIONThe text __under__ each screen shot applies to the screen shot above. Please note that a Video of mail setup on Thunderbird is also available+→ **Incoming:** should be **IMAP**.\\ 
- +→ **Server hostname** ​is\\ 
- +→ **Port** 993 SSL/TLS\\ 
-1. In the Thunderbird mail program, navigate to: File - New - Get a New Mail Account +→ **Authentication** Normal password.\\
- +
-{{:​wiki:​thundb-01.jpg?​|}} +
-2. Click on: Skip this and use my existing email. +
- +
-{{:​wiki:​thundb-02.jpg|}} +
-3. Type in the correct information and click on "​Continue"​ +
- +
-{{:​wiki:​thundb-03.jpg|}} +
-4. Thunderbird tries to check a Mozilla data base for suggestions for settings, but we skip that by clicking on: "​Manual config"​. +
- +
-{{:​wiki:​thundb-04.jpg|}} +
-5. Please refer to the above screen shot but type in your own information. ​ Incoming mail server ​is __mail.1984.is__ and outgoing ​mail server is also __mail.1984.is__. We highly recommend IMAP rather than POP. Please remember that your user name is your entire email address. +
- +
- +
-**Video instructions for mail setup in Thunderbird** +
- +
 +→ **Outgoing:​** SMTP\\
 +→ **Server hostname** is\\
 +→ **Port** 587 STARTTLS\\
 +→ **Authentication** Normal password.\\
 +→ **Username:​** **Incoming:​** Your email address, **Outgoing:​** Your email address.\\
 +→ Click **Done** (or **Re-test**).