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 <​body>​ <​body>​
-<​h2>​Frequently asked questions(FAQ)</​h2>​+<​h2>​Frequently asked questions (FAQ)</​h2>​
 <div class="​row">​ <div class="​row">​
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 → Click <​strong>​Update</​strong>​. → Click <​strong>​Update</​strong>​.
-You log in to management.1984hosting.com with your username. Under "My Services"​ you find your hosting and to the right press "Goto Control Panel"​. You will then be transfered in a mysterious way to the hosting Control panel. At the top you should see "Email accounts"​. Press it so you can see the overview of e-mails you have setup. To the left you can find "​edit"​ and there you can click on "​Forward mail"​. ​</p>+ </p>
  </​div>​  </​div>​
  </​div>​  </​div>​